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Active Ownership

Storebrand's sustainable investment team is in dialogue with a large number of companies each year, seeking to influence them to move in a more sustainable direction.

By questioning companies about their sustainability practices and development, we challenge them to be more proactive in addressing these issues. In our experience the best results are achieved through co-operation with other investors and targeted engagement with companies where our ownership level is highest.

Engagement themes for Storebrand Asset Managament

The Storebrand Sustainability team has prioritized four engagement themes for 2020. The themes align with the Sustainable Development Goals and focus on financially material topics that address environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Active ownership and engagement is an important part of Storebrand's approach to sustainable investments and it is in alignment with Storebrand's group's purpose: "A future to look forward to" and the values that come with it. As a result, our main objectives to reduce risk, safeguard and create value on behalf of shareholders also explicitly refer to environmental, social and governance value. Thus, the ultimate objective of our engagements is not just to require companies to redress wrongs but we aim with our engagements to actually have a positive impact.

«Through voting and dialogue we push for rapid sustainable change in our portfolio companies.»

– Andreas Bjørbak Alnæs, Sustainability Analyst

Therefore, we prioritize engagements where we think we can have a better opportunity to obtain good results. We engage for long periods of time to obtain those results and often with other investors for more leverage. Accordingly, our resources are more focused on engagement activities to lift the standards of a whole industry, which lead to better practice in general and thus positive impact – proactive engagements – instead of many dialogues requesting companies, for example, to clean rivers after a spill – reactive engagements.