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New Head of Sustainable Investments

Storebrand Asset Management has appointed Kamil Zabielski as Head of Sustainable Investments. Zabielski joins Storebrand from Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency where he held a similar position. 

Published 20.01.2021 by Storebrand

Kamil Zabielski, New Head of Sustainable Investments at Storebrand Asset Management and Jan Erik Saugestad, CEO Storebrand Asset Management. PHoto: Lise Eide Risanger

– We are very happy to have Kamil onboard. He brings valuable experience in sustainable finance and ESG research to the team as he takes on the leadership role. His international experience is very valuable as we continue to strengthen our position outside our home markets of Norway and Sweden, says Jan Erik Saugestad, CEO Storebrand Asset Management.

At the Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency, where he worked for the past 10 years he held positions such as ESG specialist in human rights, due diligence assessment and most recently as Head of Sustainability. Prior that Kamil worked at Council on Ethics in the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global. 

– Storebrand Asset Management is recognized as a Nordic leader in sustainable investments and is in a position, to grow even further. Storebrand has been in the field for many years but the work that is being done on sustainability is undoubtedly more relevant than ever. The team that I will be joining is highly competent and experienced, so I am very much looking forward to embarking on the journey with them, says Kamil Zabielski, New Head of Sustainable Investments at Storebrand Asset Management. 

– The interest in sustainable investments is increasing among both retail and professional investors as well as regulators and companies themselves. In addition to deep knowledge on sustainability this requires constant innovation and out of the box thinking which makes this job very exciting, he adds.

Kamil is a Canadian citizen. He holds an LL.M in International Law and an M.Phil in Human Rights from the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo. 

Kamil will start the new position on February 1st 2021

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